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Explosion-protected compressed air stirrers for laboratory and industrial applications, magnetic stirrer couplings and drives.

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In our you can find an extensive selection of lab supplies for your needs. However, should you miss something in the list – just contact us!

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We are your specialists for laboratory equipment
and consumables.
We offer a wide range from all well-known
manufacturers of laboratory materials.

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Chemicals from the manufacturers Merck, Kraft, Sigma can be found in our .
Chemicals are offered for shipments within Germany only.

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What we offer
Buddeberg, based in Mannheim, Germany, supplies laboratories, hospitals, doctors, research institutes, universities and companies in general that require laboratory equipment. We define ourselves as a strategic partner for laboratory products – and are a strong performer in all disciplines.

We plan laboratories (lab furniture, holistic installation systems, fume cupboards, safety cabinets, etc.) from scratch, or plan extensions or conversions together with you.
Laboratory equipment or laboratory consumables are part of our standard range. All items can be ordered in our . We offer laboratory chemicals for shipments within Germany in our .
Ion exchangers for demineralised water are regenerated with our regeneration station in Mannheim. Laboratories, medical facilities or dental practices can have their ion exchangers regenerated here. We also offer on-site collection (within the Mannheim area only).

Our Mixing Technology range comprises ATEX certified for laboratory and industry, , , as well as , and .

A small excerpt of our delivery programme:
  • Laboratory consumables
  • Laboratory instruments
  • Chemicals
  • Laboratory furniture
  • Ion exchanger cartridges / demineralised water
  • Compressed air stirrers

We will assist you by addressing your concerns – whether before, during or after your order! Whether you have questions about special products and applications, requests for a quotation, warranty processing, repairs, questions about deliveries or general queries about the ordering process – we look forward to hearing from you via our contact form, by email or by phone.

As a laboratory specialist, we offer a wide range of laboratory materials. Products from roughly 340 are in our range, including, for example Duran/DWK, Eppendorf, IKA, Bürkle, Bohlender, Thermo Fisher or Hirschmann. We currently sell approximately 52,500 products, of which about 12,000 items are held in stock. In principle, we also offer products from our manufacturers that are not listed in the shop. Simply send us a short enquiry.

Shop connection
We have been working with electronically supported procurement (eProcurement) since 2001, and offer expert support to you when setting up and optimising your own operation. Why not take advantage of the opportunities offered by the digitalisation of supplier relationships without losing out on service, advice and your personal point of contact. We offer you customer-specific configuration options for the Buddeberg online shop, such as adapted release mechanisms, optional budgeting, tracking or evaluations. We provide the product data for your internal systems (buy-side solutions such as SAP SRM or Coupa) and for procurement platforms.
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