The History of Buddeberg

Trade and production of laboratory supplies since 1887.

  • 1887

    Carl Buddeberg

    The brothers Carl and Fritz Buddeberg establish the company Gebr. Buddeberg - that time a small optician's shop in Mannheim.

  • 1939-1946

    At the beginning of World War II, Carl Buddeberg dies aged 79; Otto Franke, who had been working in the company for more than 45 years becomes his successor. During the war, the shop located in A3, 5 in Mannheim suffers 7 hits between 1940 and 1945 until finally destroyed completely on the 1st of May, 1945.

    Otto Franke is taken from his employees unexpectedly by his sudden death. After this stroke of fate, the company staff works eagerly to cope with the growing demands of the business. At the old location in Mannheim A3, 5, the company starts again in completely new and appropriate offices. The business is now owned by Ella Franke, who leads the company supported by well-proven employees in the good and solid tradition the name of Buddeberg always stood for. In the course of time, the focus of the Buddeberg has developed into laboratory equipment supply and manufacture.

    Ella Franke

    This will now be conducted in the same solid way by the sole owner Ms. Ella Franke and her trusted employees following the tradition of Buddeberg. The main focus of Buddeberg over the years is shifted to the laboratory specialized trade with attached production.

  • 1973/1974

    Werner Götz

    The company Gebr. Buddeberg is bought by Werner Götz and in June 1978 they move into the new building in Mannheim-Wohlgelegen

    Gebr. Buddeberg becomes a member of the LHU (Labor-Handels-Union).

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  • 1983-1988

    Hubert Bohlender

    On May 9th in 1983 the ownership goes to Anita Laux and Hubert Bohlender.

    On the occasion of the 100th anniversary, Hubert Bohlender establishes the company's own laboratory exhibition "BUDDE" which is held every three years up to now. Formerly located at Rosengarten in Mannheim, and later moved to the Maimarkt location in Mannheim, for the first time in 2008.

    Anita Laux leaves the company in 1988, Hubert Bohlender is single owner and manager of Buddeberg since.

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  • 1997-2004

    In May 1997 the Buddeberg GmbH moves into the newly-built premises in Mannheim-Mallau. During time, the LHU changes its name into Quadrolab and finally in 2004, into LLG (Lab Logistics Group).

    anzeigeAmong six other companies, Buddeberg GmbH is a founding member of the LLG GmbH with headquarters in Meckenheim near Bonn. Meanwhile, the LLG is backed by 34 independent lab suppliers from all over Europe. All shareholders have electronic access to the warehousing facility with its storage capacity of 12000 sqm. Having an annual turnover of approx. 1,1 mrd. Euros, LLG is one of the biggest lab suppliers in Europe.

  • 2007-2012

    The name Gebr. Buddeberg GmbH is changed to Buddeberg GmbH.

    mbohlenderMyriam Bohlender, daughter of Hubert Bohlender, joins the company in the marketing department for the time being; but to be part of the management in the near future.

    Currently, the Buddeberg GmbH has 23 employees. The company-owned production range produces compressed-air-powered stirrers for laboratories and magnetic coupled stirrers made from stainless steel or PTFE.

  • 2012-2017

    On 27th of October 2012 Buddeberg GmbH celebrates its 125th anniversary. Hubert Bohlender, company owner and director, gives procuration to his daughter Myriam Bohlender.

    On 4th of April 2017 Hubert Bohlender, formerly sole manager, appointed his daughter Myriam Bohlender as managing director of Buddeberg GmbH and gave procuration to Tatjana Lehr.



    Myriam Bohlender   Tatjana Lehr

  • 2018-today

    2018/2019 Buddeberg has 18 employees with steadily increasing task ranges, who enjoy the challenge. B2B and E-Commerce, as well as digitisation are fully implemented and accepted. SAP Ariba, Simple System and Unite become a stable and integral part of the company.

    2020 Relaunch of the new homepage.

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