A single-sourced, complete-coverage package
  • Trained product experts actively assist you with their know-how to find the solution that suits your requirements
  • Customer-focused and friendly office staff guarantee that your orders and enquiries will receive best and immediate care
  • Experienced sales teams assure a high level of efficiency, flexibility and quality
  • Cooperation with manufacturers ensure the highest quality of products and services, advice and consultancy

Our Service
  • In-house workshop to perform repairs and manufacture of customised equipment
  • Planning and installation of lab equipment
  • On-the-spot equipment presentation
  • Organisation of seminars and workshops


Our order handling operation
  • Short delivery times
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Extensive stock and warehousing facility
  • Online ordering system


Our idea of fair play
  • Fair cooperation for decades based on mutual trust and confidence
  • Cost-effective, cost-minimised order processing
  • Fast exchange of information, smoothly running procedures
  • After-sales service support


E-Commerce and B2B

We can offer you a connection from our ERP system directly to your system (for example SAP). The direct order processing, as well as inquiries up to invoicing runs in electronic form and simplifies the business processes among each other. Just talk to us.


Our production range
PLR Katalog Vorderseite

We produce compressed air stirrers, suitable for all kinds of stirring tasks that occur in laboratories, featuring a vane air motor design enabling smooth starting and low maintenance. The maximum working pressure is 6 bar. Buddeberg magnetic stirrer couplings made of stainless steel or PTFE are fitted with a permanent magnetic coupling, available with standard ground joints or flat flanges.


Our trading program
Buddeberg Labor Vorderseite

We can provide the complete range of products for your laboratory , from consumables to an entire laboratory equipment -we offer you a one-stop-service.


Our logistics program:

Buddeberg co-founder of LLG (Lab Logistics Group) GmbH based in Meckenheim near Bonn. We have electronic access to the central warehouse, which has a storage capacity of 12,000 square meters. LLG currently has 34 independent laboratory dealers worldwide. With annual sales of around € 1.1 billion, LLG is one of the largest laboratory companies in Europe.



Buddeberg GmbH

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