laborabzügeYour laboratory fume cupboards - our expertise


We regularly check your laboratory fume cupboards*:


  • General visual check of the safety condition
  • Mechanical testing/ Control of front shutter mechanics
  • Control of aerodynamic function
  • Attachment of inspection tag
  • Issue of a test certificate

Our checks are producer-independent
The verification is carried out by an employee perfectly acquainted with the relevant governmental workplace safety regulations, accident-prevention regulations, guidelines and with all recognised rules of technology.

Price list inspection fume cupboards
Amount of hoods Price of inspection
1 Piece 150,00 EUR
2 - 4 Pieces 130,00 EUR
5 - 10 Pieces 120,00 EUR
from 11 Pieces 100,00 EUR
Travel expenses
Zone Travel expenses
Zone 1 (Rhein-Neckar-Kreis) 65,00 EUR
Zone 2 (50-100km) 110,00 EUR
Zone 3 (100-150km) 145,00 EUR

These prices are valid for hoods in one place.
All prices plus the legal value added tax.

Do you need a new laboratory fume cupboards? As an official partner of Köttermann, we will be happy to advise you and carry out the planning of a new fume cupboards or a completely new laboratory.
You can find an overview of fume cupboards in our brochure Download

*In accordance with the guidelines “DGUV 213-850, „Sicheres Arbeiten in Laboratorien – Grundlagen und Handlungshilfen, Abschnitt 7.3 "and “§ 4 Absatz 3 / Arbeitsstättenverordnung“, laboratory fume hoods are to be checked regularly for proper functioning. The inspection is to be carried out and its results are to be documented by a qualified person at least once a year.

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