eProcurement (or electronic procurement) opens up genuine potential for improvement in purchasing, while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. We have been working with customers in eProcurement since 2001. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible support when setting up and optimising processes, in order to create real added value.

Why not take advantage of the opportunities offered by the digitalisation of supplier relationships without losing out on service, advice and your personal point of contact.

eProcurement buy-side Solution

We provide product data for your internal systems (buy-side solutions such as SAP SRM or Coupa) and for procurement platforms such as Unite, Ariba, OnVentis.

The Buddeberg shop system possesses interfaces for SAP OCI, Ariba Punch-Out and other SRM, among others. We have been working for years with nearly all relevant platforms and customer systems based on different providers.

Buddeberg marketing data is maintained in a neutral database and exported from there in a media- and customer-specific manner. This means that, in addition to the standard formats, special format requirements as dictated by you can also be fulfilled. We create catalogues with the content you need, irrespective of the data exchange format!

Examples of customised solutions:
• Items with prices above a certain amount may not be ordered directly via the procurement solution.
• Certain products (such as protective equipment or electrical appliances) are to be handled separately

We carry out the database-based catalogue creation process automatically. Therefore, regular updates with the latest products, including special offers, are standard with Buddeberg.

eProcurement sell-side solution

The Buddeberg online shop as a sell-side solution offers individual configuration options, in order to be adapted precisely to the needs of your company.

Release mechanisms
With single or multi-level approvals, orders can be released from different points within the company.
Example: The user orders directly via the Buddeberg online shop. Purchasing receives an email informing them that the user has placed an order, including item and price information. The Purchasing Department releases the order. Only then is the order processed with Buddeberg.

The maximum order value for users can be limited.
Example: User A may order up to a max. of EUR 1,500 per month, user B EUR 2,200.

Cost centres
Allocation of cost centres for users (fixed or flexibly assignable).
Example: User A orders for cost centre A01, user B for B01. The cost centres are automatically assigned with each order and appear on the order confirmation, delivery note and invoice.

Various order evaluations can be created individually.
Example: An evaluation of all ordered items for cost centre A01 in the period of the last 2 months.

Electronic exchange of transaction data

Providing data with which requesters can record their requirements efficiently and without errors is just the first step for us. Only in combination with the electronic exchange of transaction data can the desired speed, the required savings in the procurement process and the necessary documentation of the respective transactions be achieved.

We import electronically transmitted enquiries and orders semi- or fully automatically into the Buddeberg ERP system and also process a large proportion of the orders with upstream suppliers electronically and automatically ourselves.

By means of electronically transmitted order and scheduling confirmations, delivery notifications with tracking information and, where desired, electronic invoices, you receive the information necessary to track, control and complete the entire process without having to copy papers or manually transfer data from emails or PDFs into your ERP system.

There is no longer any need to transcribe item numbers, quantities and prices, while delays and complaints due to incorrectly transmitted information are also prevented.

What’s next?

With Buddeberg, you have the right partner by your side to successfully meet your eProcurement needs when concerning laboratory products.
We will determine your requirements with you and show you suitable solutions. Talk to us – it’s worth it!

PS: You have no (or only limited) experience with eProcurement; however, improved procurement and cost reductions both appeal to you? Then you should also get in touch because one or more of the Buddeberg success stories will certainly fit your requirement profile.

Procurement platforms:
  • Ariba
  • Crowdfox
  • Marbeho
  • Meplato
  • Onventis
  • proactis (cc-hubwoo)
  • Sciquest/Jaggaer
  • Simple System
  • Unite
  • Veenion

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