We regenerate your ion exchange cartridges



  • We regenerate ionic exchanger resins under strictest quality demands
  • The constantly high ionic exchanger resins' quality and a regeneration according to the strict standards of ISO 9001, ensure the generation of high-quality demineralised water.
  • Regeneration of cartridges of all brands, e.g. Miele, Seradest, ELGA, Siemens, Behr etc.



Immediate on-site filling

  • Regeneration in Mannheim: The cartridge is regenerated within 20-30 minutes
  • For the duration of the regeneration you will receive a voucher for a coffee for the Görtz bakery located in the house


Personal pick-up and drop-off service

  • Delivery by our driver within a radius of approx. 20km: Mannheim, Heidelberg, Ludwigshafen, Speyer, Weinheim, Schwetzingen etc.
  •  Our service for you: Collection and delivery directly to the laboratory or to where the cartridges are used
  • For regenerations outside a radius of 20 km, convenient delivery by parcel service possible

Zones and prices

Zone 1 - Mannheim
Includes pickup and delivery
Preis: 9,90,-*

Zone 2 - Radius 20 km around Mannheim
Includes pickup and delivery
Price: 20,00,-*

Other locations
Submit your cartridge (delivery only in germany):
Dispatch is done by the client
Return by parcel at the price of 9,90,-*.

Transport requirements (only for parcel delivery in germany)
The following measures must be taken to transport cartridges:

  • Relieve pressure
  • Unscrew the water connections from the cartridge
  • Empty the cartridge (turn the cartridge upside down and wait until no more water runs out)
  • Close the cartridge with the existing caps
  • Pack the cartridge for shipping



Pricelist regenerations
Volume Type Price
5 Ltr.  S600/S750/SG500/B5/5DL 45,00 EUR
8 Ltr. Vario 700/SG650/8DF 50,00 EUR
10 Ltr. S1500/B10/10DL 52,00 EUR
14 Ltr. SD2000/SG1250/SG1300/12DF 60,00 EUR
20 Ltr. SF2500 70,00 EUR
23 Ltr. SD2800/E310/SG2600/B22/22DF 75,00 EUR
28 Ltr. SD4000/B25/25DL7SG3000 80,00 EUR
45 Ltr. SD6000/B45/42DF 115,00 EUR
All prices plus the legal value added tax.
Your cartridge is not included? Inquire without obligation!


Benefit with our voucher system

With our voucher system you reduce your effort and
save costs. The prices remain stable and you have
no organizational effort for subsequent regenerations.

Function of the voucher system

  • Order 10 regeneration vouchers once
  • You will receive 10 vouchers + 1 voucher for free
  • To regenerate, simply call us or send an email
  • Give the voucher to our driver or send it in with
    the cartridge as a package
  • We regenerate your cartridge and charge the voucher


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