Buddeberg compressed air stirrers are suitable for all kinds of stirring tasks that occur in laboratories, technical colleges and manufacturing. They are explosion-proof and feature a vane air motor design which enables smooth starting and low maintenance. The maximum working pressure is 6 bar. Buddeberg magnetic stirrer couplings made of stainless steel or PTFE are fitted with a permanent magnetic coupling, available with standard ground joints or flat flanges.
Buddeberg products and installations can be found in many laboratories, operating within a broad range of analytical and production fields. We can provide the complete range of products for your laboratory. Ask for our current General Catalogue as printed version. In addition to the catalogue, you can find our complete product range on the Internet at: www.buddeberg.de
Buddeberg was one of six successful business owners who have established in 2004 LLG GmbH (Lab Logistics Group) in Meckenheim, Germany. LLG brings together the combined strength of 28 independent laboratory supply companies from across Europe. Each partner has direct access to the central warehouse in Meckenheim with its storage capacity of 9,000 sq.m. With an annual turnover of approx. 350 million euros, LLG is one of the big lab suppliers in Europe.
In 2006 nine European shareholders founded a subsidiary of LLG - the LLG International GmbH as a new international organisation to create an international network as a common base for the development of Europe-wide supply contracts for laboratory equipment.

In August 2017 our General Catalogue 2018/2020 was published, presenting our complete product range of laboratory supply. It will be available in seven languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish) and comprises approx. 1550 pages
In June 2018 we had the new "Mixing Technology" catalogue out.
In the catalogue you can find our various compressed air stirrer range with a large choice of accessories, magnetic stirrer couplings and drives, as well as specially designed items.

Our brochure "LLG-Tops" published four times a year informs our customers on innovations and interesting products.