The vane type, air-powered drive motor

The vane type, air-powered drive is a gas expansion motor. Its sliding vanes, unlike a piston motor, create a direct rotary motion. It offers a higher power density, significant weight saving and smaller size in comparison to an equivalent electric motor.
The simple design, makes it robust and low-maintenance.

Advantages of compressed air motors:

  • suitable for the use in EX hazardous areas
  • lightweight and compact -
    where installation space is limited
  • resistant to cleaning agents -
    meets the stringent requirements of food and pharma industries
  • overload capacity to a standstill without internal damage
  • easy speed control -
    continuously adjustable by changing pressure or air volume (throttling)
  • dust resistant
  • heat resistant
  • vibration resistant

Cut-away PLR 10 model

Reference and efficiency values

The chart shows reference values for the relation between working pressure and speed, power, torque and air consumption.
At 6 bar all motors work at a relative value of 100%.
At 4 bar, speed is reduced to approx. 87%, air consumption and torque to approx. 65% and power to approx. 56% of the nominal value.

Magnetic stirrer couplings

Cut-away MRK 30 model
Magnetic stirrer couplings are an ideal solution for stirring tasks under vacuum and high pressure. Stirring shaft rotation is achieved by magnetic coupling without any physical contact, so no moving parts require sealing. Operating pressures up to 700 bar and temperatures up to 550°C are possible.

The pressure-exposed section of our < 200 Ncm torque level magnetic stirrer couplings is manufactured in one piece from solid material. Sealing is only necessary between the coupling and stirring vessel or reactor. If higher rates of torque are required, our industrial magnetic stirrer couplings provide torque levels up to 150 NM. Their pressure-exposed sections are manufactured in two parts for constructional reasons, still with no seal at the rotating shaft.
Rare earth steel magnets are used, coated in the same material as the pressure-exposed section and welded tightly for operation under both low and high pressures.
Magnetic stirrer couplings require very little maintenance and their simple construction facilitates cleaning of the parts which come in contact with the stirred medium. Different bearings and/or construction materials are offered to accommodate almost any application requiring chemical resistance.
Additional connections, e.g. for gas purging or speed monitoring by means of a reed contact can be fitted.

All magnetic stirrer couplings are available with ATEX certification

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