The BUDDEBERG General Catalogue 2018/2020!

Find the complete range of laboratory equipment and instrumentation on more than 1550 pages in our General Catalogue. Download the different product sections conveniently from our homepage here:

1. Lab Consumables (3.4MB) download here
2. Occupational Safety & Security (2.2MB) download here
3. Analytical measurement and testing (2.8MB) download here
4. Stirring, Shaking, Mixing (1.8MB) download here
5. Sample preparation (1.5MB) download here
6. Distillation, Separation, Filtration (2.5MB) download here
7. Heating and cooling technology (2.7MB) download here
8. Liquid Handling (2.5MB) download here
9. Vacuum technology (6.8MB) download here
10. Optical instruments and Microscopes (1.2MB) download here
11. Cleaning and sterilization (1.0MB) download here
12. Environmental-, soil-, water-, food analysis (1.0MB) download here
13. Life Sciences (1.7MB) download here
14. Chromatography and accessories (1.8MB) download here

Download at once: General Catalogue (33MB) download here

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