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After - Sales - Support 

Complaint Management

Our trained office staff are there to help you with any issue. In case of a partial or defective delivery of your order, the delivery of a wrong article or any other headache, please don't hesitate to contact us.We will be pleased to help.


Problem solving on site

Do you have an application and do not exactly know which devices are the most appropriate ones to be used? You need a specific product and can't find it? You are searching an alternative to a specific product which is not longer available? We will be glad to help you find a solution and we'll pay you a visit in your laboratory. Please contact us for an appointment with our sales representatives directly on location.


Carefree- even after purchase

Even the most reliable device may be defective.Contact us and we'll make sure that you receive individual service or repair for your laboratory device. Please send it to our company including a detailed error description or we'll pick it up at your place if possible. Following a detailed inspection, you'll get an itemised quotation to make your decision.

Laboratory glass instruments can also be repaired. Instead of considering a new, eventually even not necessary acquisition, you can rely on experienced glassblowers. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of testing and calibration services. Apart from maintenance and repair, these are indispensable in order to meet legal regulations, whilst also to guarantee constant quality.

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