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Gas injection stirrer BR

In this video, you can see the function of a gas injection stirrer as its speed increases. It achieves its full effect here at approximately 1000 rpm. which is visible by the increased volume of the fluid. Contrary to other types of stirring rotors, gas injection stirrers create smaller gas bubbles, which crucially increase the active surface area. This facilitates reaction between substances, resulting in shorter production times.

BuddeMix stirring system

Shown in this video is our newly developed BuddeMix stirring system, operating at increasing rotational speed (0 to 120 rpm.). With its special stirring geometry it provides high efficiency, even at low rotation speeds. The low shear force results in gentle mixing of media.

Disk stirrer DS

In this video you can see the function of a disk stirrer at increasing rotational speed. Gas injection occurs at approximately 1000 rpm. through the formation of a vortex. However, this effect only happens when the stirrer is used in conjunction with a baffle at high speeds.

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